Keep Your Grass and Plants Hydrated

Never forget to water your lawn with sprinkler installation

Are you always forgetting to water your lawn? If so, investing in sprinklers may be the solution to your dying grass. Keep your lawn hydrated-hire Desert Rain Lawn Sprinkling to handle your sprinkler installation. We'll go the extra mile to make sure your sprinklers cover every area of your yard.

We provide 100% coverage guarantee on all sprinkler installation. Call today for your free estimate.

Save money by renovating your sprinkler system

Save money by renovating your sprinkler system

Does your existing sprinkler system need an upgrade? If so, consider getting a renovation, rather than investing in a whole new system. Our contractors will assess the condition of your sprinklers to determine the necessary repairs. By fixing or upgrading certain parts, you'll save time and money down the line.

There's no make or brand we're unfamiliar with. Call today to schedule your consultation.